Nuno Ramos Carvalho

computer science natural language processing machine learning deep learning data science astronomy astrophysics astrodynamics space engineering

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Galaxy ConvNet

Galaxies Morphology Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks -- Python.

Medium GitHub Python
Predicting Pulsars

Predicting pulsars candidates using Neural Networks.

Medium Kernel Python

Datasets, web-services, models, tools, and other assorted resources about the Universe.

Sunspots Estimator

Predicting monthly average of active sunspots in the Sun.

GitHub Python

A command line tool to perform pipelined operations on exoplanets data.

GitHub C++
Kepler 210 Sim

Kepler 210 multi-planetary system of exoplanets simulation with real data.

View GitHub WebGL

Package for exploring exoplanets transits and related resources.

GitHub Python
Cosmo Sims

Simple cosmological simulations.

GitHub Gadget-2
EO Quick Videos

Quick videos illustrating Earth observation insights using real satellite data.

GitHub Google EE

Question answering model fine tuned for Portuguese.

GitHub Medium Python

Portuguese translation of the SQuAD dataset.


Python package with utilities and interface to the Y-Space API.

PyPi GitHub Python

Tool for reducing expressions to a simpler form in Haskell.

Site GitHub Haskell

Split compound identifiers into terms.

CPAN GitHub Perl

perl6 static website generator.

GitHub Rakudo
The 101 Series

Series of practical and quick introduction to different topics.


Manage your dependencies and Perl requirements locally.

CPAN GitHub Perl

Natural Language Processing for Portuguese resources, services and other information.


Wiki Score

Online platform for cooperative editing of large scale music scores.


An Infrastructure for Certification and Re-engineering of Open Source Software.

Projecto Natura

PLN research and application development at University of Minho.


Portuguese in parallel with six languages: Español, русский, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, English.


Portuguese Association for Perl Programmers, promoting and advocating the Perl programming language.

Debian Perl Group

Packaging of CPAN Perl distributions for Debian.


DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer
verified DeepLearning.AI
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Specialization
verified IBM
Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree
verified Udacity
Data Analysis and Interpretation Specialization
verified Wesleyan University
Machine Learning Specialization
verified University of Washington
Deep Learning Specialization
verified DeepLearning.AI
Machine Learning
verified Stanford University
Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space
verified University of Arizona
Data-driven Astronomy
verified University of Sydney
Kinetics: Studying Spacecraft Motion
verified Univ. of Colorado Boulder
Kinematics: Describing the Motions of Spacecraft
verified Univ. of Colorado Boulder
Planets, exoplanets and their systems in a broad and multidisciplinary context
verified Instituto Astrofísica Andalucía
Space Mission Design and Operations
verified EPFL
Basic Principles of Radar Backscatter
verified EO Colleege
Echoes in Space: Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing
verified EO Colleege
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Earth Monitoring
verified EUMETSAT
C++ in Aerospace Simulations
verified Udemy
Music Theory Grade 1
verified ABRSM